• Annunciation with St. Theodore of Tyre

    The icon is a “laconic” version of the festival iconography representing the figure of the Holy Virgin, the Archangel and a heavenly segment. Placed between Gabriel and the Mother of God, the figure of Theodor of Amasea is unique for complementing a composition with an image, not associated with the main scene, not encountered in the festival iconography.
  • Vladimir icon of the Mother of God with the Selected Saints

    Apparently, this icon is a copy of the venerated relic of the Rostov Cathedral. The center of the upper border shows the scene of Transfiguration of Our Lord and at its sides are the waist-length depictions of bowing archangels Michael and Gabriel in the aureoles. On the right and on the left borders are shown the figures of the selected saints according to the hierarchy.

    There are prophet John the Forerunner and apostle Paul, apostles Peter and John the Theologian, saints Nicholas and Alexis, saint warriors Theodore of Tyre and Theodore Stratelates, martyresses Tatiana and Anastasia.