Nicholas the Wonderworker, St., with the Deesis and the Selected Saints

Iconography:  Deisus row, Nicholas the Wonderworker, saint, Basil the Great, Parasceva of Iconium (Pyatnitsa), the Great Martyress, Paul the Apostle, Peter the Apostle, Barbara, St., Catherine of Alexandria, the Great Martyress, Menas, St., Cosmas of Asia Minor, the Unmercenary, Damian of Asia Minor, the Unmercenary , Gregory the Theologian, St., Stephen, the archdeacon

Date: XVI century. Early 16th century.

Origin: From the church commemorating Mother of God Hodegetria in Rostov.

Material: Wood, tempera

Dimensions:  height 50 cm, width 37,3 cm

The centerpiece shows the waist-length depiction of St. Nicholas. On the upper border of the icon is represented Deesis with the image of Savior Not Made by Hands in the centre. At the sides of the Savior are represented waist-length depictions of the Mother of God, John the Forerunner and archangels Michael and Gabriel. At the sides of the central image of Nicholas the Wonderworker are shown the half-figures of great forefathers Basil the Great and Gregory the Theologian, apostles Peter and Paul , healers Cosmas and Damian. In the lower part of the centerpiece are the depictions of protomartyr archdeacon Stephen, great martyrs Parasceva, Catherine and Barbara and also martyr Menas.

Inv. № И-932. © State Rostov-Yaroslavl Architecture and Art Museum-Reserve

Bibliography: Вахрина В.И. Иконы Ростова Великого. М., 2006. № 31. С. 130.

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